Culture Lab is the mindset of Srengenge to understand multicultural consumer, to hear what's unspoken, to see what's invisible, to perceive what doesn't exist.

It started from the fact that some campaigns fail because they can't touch consumer's heart. We realize, in spite of the taste of preferences is very individual, it is formed and symbolized within cultural sensitivity. But we believe that the problems of inaccuracy can be solved through cultural approaches.

Have you ever thought about it before? Focus Group Discussion and survey are not sufficient to obtain comprehensive data about our consumer. Because desire, meaning, disappointment, symbols, expectation, and happiness are expressed within culture, not number. How can statistical data see into emotion? How can human be understood through shallow interaction? You can't.

Because human lives in culture, not number. That's why we go to the direction of NGUWONGKE WONG by developing a new formula called HUMANIZING CONSUMER. It combines a deep understanding about EMOTION NERVE and CULTURAL SENSITIVITY.

With this formula, we reach consumer and inspire them to be engaged to the brand.