Srengenge Culture Lab offers integrated strategies with tailor made methods, built upon necessity, objectives, and cultural sensitivity to lead brands into a wide variety of marketing communication industries.

1. Research
The most effective mixed media communication requires a deep understanding about the target, market, and media types through comprehensive research. We have team that capable to conduct ethnography research in consulting, planning (concept, design, strategic timeline), implementing (FGD, observation, in-depth interview), analyzing (data process, review, evaluation, audit), and making report.

2. Conventional
We help you creating campaign through conventional media (television, print-ad, radio, outdoor-ad, collateral, and brand identity), the still-most consumed-media in this country.

3. Digital
The drastic development of web technology offsets ever increasing users of digital media. Our service covers in website consulting, concepting, designing, digital content, and development. For social media, we conceptualize how to increase brand awareness through digital, such as social media endorser.

4. Neutral
The consumer is different today and we have got to be experimenting all of the time. We have to look at new channels and new ways of connecting by starting from media neutrality. We offer you brand development with relevant concept on multiple platforms. Neutral media also includes the full range of the emergence alternatives media depend on the context, objective, and budget.

5. Online We offer strategic planning, implementing, buzzing, and analyzing to campaign your brands through our networking websites. Also we have our own online media that can be empowered: Terselubung ( / @terselubung) and Janna ( / @jannaration).